The Plates

The Plates are a Denver based band with an aggressive modern dance hall flavor. Jeep came in to Violet Recording to record his latest record "Blast" featuring blindingly fast blast beats and punk overtones. The virtuosity of Jeeps drumming captured by Violet's own 2" in 24 track tape machine is forward and thick. Mixed at Violet "Blast is an example of the true potential of the hybrid analog digital approach.    

The Interstate Stash Express

The Interstate Stash Express came down hiway 36 from the town of Lyons Colorado to record an album focusing on the trials of front man Terry as he and his family endured the flood which disrupted life for many folks in Lyons. With a nod to the great blues guitar players of the past the new album from the "ISE" is gritty and involving with power trio style drum and bass lines. It was a pleasure to work with these seasoned players and we look forward to the next record which we are told is already in the making.


Kronen is a live electronic rock band from Boulder, Colorado. The siblings, Caleb and Kato Kronen, and their master mind bass player, Chris Wright use their knowledge of hearing science, audio engineering and music theory to create unique harmony, and timbre with a mixture of electronic and acoustic instrumentation. Using years of jazz and classical music theory, in addition to their profound knowledge of the human auditory system, Kronen integrates rhythmic and harmonic elements from European, African and American music.

Kind Hearted Strangers

The Kind Hearted Strangers are a Boulder based band that is a recent upstart including members from "Envy Alo" and others. With a smooth modern adult alternative americana vibe to the sound it is not to far of a reach to hear these guys featured on KBCO soon. The band came into Violet Recording over the course of three months tracking and mixing this debut album that had the staff here at Violet excited for the band and their new release.


Novalektric is from all over Colorado but they all managed to find their way to Violet Recording to track and mix their new upcoming album release. Featuring the hard hitting rock drumming of Bill Keros and Lesh like bass stylings of Erik Wilkins the new record from Novalektric is a psychadelic journey through musical styles like country rock and almond brother like jams that will leave the headiest heads cheering for more.


Gladys is the next generation of electronica fesaturing "Live P.A. style beats and loops which incorporate live playing by Sara and crushing drums by Dan Brichlie with rich synths and strings from Ableton. The jazzy sax solos slice through the bass heavy grooves to make listening a full range auditory experience.