Take advantage of our flexible rates for extended bookings and day lockouts. Our passion is to help local musicians make the best possible recordings regardless of budget constraints.
All rates include an engineer.


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Tracking through our SSL 4056 G recording console in our 18 ft. high ceiling tracking room is a recording engineers dream. By utilizing our comprehensive headphone system we can offer up to 4 stereo headphone mixes and 8 mono sources for the artist to mix their own cue's. Extensive outboard pre amps by Neve, Api and Manley round out the tone selection for tracking. Also on offer is our 2 in" 24 track tape machine for drum tracking and warming of digital sources like DJ stems. There is nothing like the sound of drums printed hot on a real analog tape machine. Come experience the sound of Violet Recording where affordability meets the big budget sound of the past.


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Mastering is done with our state of the art analog mastering chain with parametric EQ by GML and comp/limiting by the Manley Mastering "Slam". All class A tube and solid state components feeding the transformer coupled input stages of the Burl "B-2" A to D convertors makes for a sound rarely achieved using plugins alone. Discrete D to A conversion by "Pure" by antelope ensures the engineer hears every tantalizing bit of the audio being mastered.

Our large format hybrid analog mixing solution includes a Solid  State Logic 4056G with Ultimation moving faders and state of the art class A tube and solid state outboard processors, Burl and Antelope convertors as well as Lexicon and Eventide effects processors. We also use our 2 in 24 track tape machine for warming of digital sources like vst's and DJ stems. Fusing the unlimited creative potential of the digital format with the tried and true hit making analog circuits of the past is what Violet Recording brings to artists.


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We are all players and artists here at Violet Recording. With decades of experience playing and recording the staff at Violet will be able to create any production imaginable. Through community sourcing and good old fashioned black book contacts we can put together the dream band for virtually any style recording session or build on demoes using DAW based composing techniques. With Pro Tools 11, Logic 10.2 or Ableton installed on our system any platform can be utilized.