The Analog Signal Path

Violet Recording has a commitment to obtaining and utilizing the finest circuit designs available which is often found in circuit designs of the past like analog tape machines and tube circuits . We use these time tested spare no expense designs to enhance digital recordings and in some cases as a means to bypass the digital recording medium all together. As many in the recording industry have come to find out, the sound of tape and vinyl recordings are in many cases superior to the popular but often inferior CD digital or MP3 recordings created by digital workstations (DAW) found in most studios today. With an eye toward the high budget recordings of the past Violet Recording has equipped the studio with high end professional reel to reel tape machines which include a 2 inch 24 track and 1/4 inch console tape recorders by Sony which when mated to the SSL G mixing console, preserve the pristine all analog sound quality found in most of the hits from the past when sound quality, not price point and convenience were the driving factors. Thanks to these tape machines   Violet Recording is able offer an all analog signal path straight to vinyl record pressing which is quickly becoming the preferred record production method of artists and Hi FI consumers who require the highest audio fidelity from their productions and recordings. With the fact that vinyl sales have recently surpassed CD's it would appear that the old analog recording and reproduction formats are as relevant as ever. Thanks to the analog filtering in our next gen Burl Mothership digital convertors these time honored processes will be accurately and pristinely Preserved   

Analog Tape Mastering and Mixing With Burl Mothership 

In most cases the editing capability afforded by ITB or "in the box recording" can not be excluded in the tracking and mixing processes of modern recording. We understand these needs and offer a solution to bands and artists who want to utilize the editing features of Pro Tools ,Logic or Ableton DAW's but still want to impart the sound, feel and dimension only real analog tape or the incredibly analog sounding Burl Mothership system can offer. With the use of next gen Burl Mothership Conversion this analog process is accurately captured making the transition from tape to Digital stunningly transparent.  Even if the production has been a digital creation from its beginnings Violet Recording can capture the mix through our analog SSL console to tape or hit tape in the mastering process . Both of these methods impart the rich sound of tape saturation with out compromising the existing sonic quality of the tracks or masters. In the modern world where plugins are relied upon to recreate the sound of these analog processes it can be a real eye opening experience to hear the difference real (not modeled) tape can make to a mix or master.